Entertainment and Sports Law is the body of law that relates to the entertainment and sports industries. 

Entertainment Law overlaps substantially with intellectual property law (especially trademarks, copyright, and the “Right of Publicity”), employment law, contract law, torts, labor law, bankruptcy law, immigration, securities law, security interests, agency, right of privacy, defamation, advertising, criminal law, tax law, International law (especially Private international law), and insurance law.

Sports law overlaps with labor law, contract law, competition or antitrust law, and tort law. Issues like defamation and privacy rights are also integral aspects of sports law.

We currently represent several high profile athletes in the Southern California area. Much of our entertainment and sports law practice is transaction-based. Our services consist of:

  • drafting and reviewing contracts so that our clients interests and welfare are prioritized and secured
  • negotiating on our client’s behalf to secure fair terms
  • assisting our clients with their legal, financial, and entertainment decisions.